8000LSD Scissor Lift and Trendelenburg Tilt Adjustable


Height Adjustable Scissor Lift Bed

The 8000 series adjustable base is a four-motor system with head and foot lift features and Hi/Low lift. This bed drops to the floor for easy transfers and comes with Trendelenburg tilt for those with requiring to sleep at an incline or decline without bending the mattress. Perfect for injury rehabilitation, this model is ideal for those patients with a carer and who require a specific angle of rest.

Manual adjustments allow the user to fine-tune their perfect sleep and resting position and to find their own anti-gravity position to assist with circulation.

This model has a large 10 button corded remote control ideal for people with arthritis, dementia and sight problems. The up buttons all align down a single side of the remote control for ease of use and the other side lowers the various functions.

The bed has an emergency battery backup and has a load capacity of up to 220kg including mattress.

Features Include:

  • Scissor lift, Head & Foot lift
  • Trendelenburg Tilt
  • Weight Rated to 220kg
  • Padded Fabric Base
  • 4 Motors with Corded easy to use remote control
  • Lockable Castors


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